Cindy & Peter (June 18)

Dear Courtney, Olivia and the rest of the staff that help we, the owners of San Simeon 6 sleep at night????

Knowing our home away from home is being looked after by caring, overworked individuals. Rental places are an escape – a break away from reality and a chance to slow down.

Some renters are good, some leave a place better than they found it – others treate their home, the way they treat their ‘home away from home’. Hence where you, the crusaders charging in on a white horse, come in.

It’s easy to look the other way- the owner’s won’t see their place for months – or ever – to notice things are missing or broken. It’s easy not to care if its rented or not – our workday is just as long either way. It is cleaned properly? You’re not staying there – you assume everyone does their part.

To care, or not to care- that is the question…. Thank you for always going above and beyond and caring.