Booking Terms


YOUR RESERVATION – To protect our property owners, we ask that you carefully read the following Terms and Conditions of your Holiday Booking.

PAYMENT TERMS – 30% deposit of the total is required at time of booking. Guests may pay by credit card at time of booking or pay via direct deposit and email remittance advice through to . The outstanding balance of the accommodation is due 30 days prior to arrival.

Please note that when paying by credit card, a non-refundable card convenience fee applies of 1.76% and AMEX is 1.5%.

If you are booking and paying online for the same day of arrival, your arrival must be within business hours. Key collection is not available after 4.00pm on a weekday or 1.00pm on a Saturday, if booked on the same day.

All last-minute bookings will require a bond to be paid via EFT to Gold Coast Holiday Homes prior to key collection. EFTPOS facilities are available at the office to pay your bond on arrival.

MINIMUM NIGHT STAYS – Minimum night tariffs apply during different periods of the year. Guests will be charged the minimum night’s tariff, even if they do not book the number of minimum nights. The minimum nights apply as follows:

Peak – 7 nights, School Holidays – 7 nights, Events – 5 nights, Off Peak – 2-5 nights. Please refer to the Rate Calendars to check the which dates these tariff schemes apply to.

ONLINE CHECK-IN AND KEY COLLECTION – Keys will not be available to collect unless the booking has been paid in full, and the Online Check-In has been completed.

The Online Check-In requires you to provide a copy of your valid photo ID and a valid credit/debit card in your name. The name on your booking must match the name on the photo ID & card. If your booking was paid by card, you must provide a copy of the same card used on your booking. These details are required to ensure no fraudulent transactions or misconduct is detected.

All sensitive information is stored in a secure PCI Compliant File Store which is password protected and is automatically deleted 14 days after checkout.

If you are unable to complete the Online Check-In prior to arrival, you may provide these documents in the office on the day of your arrival (during office hours only). Please note if you do not arrive and provide these documents during office hours, we are unable to offer afterhours key collection.

If credit card details cannot be supplied, a $1000 bond is required to be paid by EFT at least 5 days prior to arrival. The bond balance will be returned (subject to the property being checked for damages, breakages, cleanliness etc.) by EFT into your nominated bank account within 7 days of the departure date. A higher bond may be required on a selection of our holiday rental portfolio.

The guest collecting the keys must be the guest registered on the booking and must show photo ID on arrival. If you wish to have someone else collect keys on your behalf, you are required to advise the office of their full name and they must provide photo ID on arrival (only available if Online Check-In has been completed by guest registered on the booking). If we have not been made aware of someone else collecting keys, keys will not be provided without authorisation from the guest on the booking.

FUTURE RESERVATIONS – Future reservations do not automatically repeat. If you wish to reserve the property for another reservation you must make the reservation on check-in or within 2 days of your arrival. Usual reservation arrangements will apply.

MINIMUM AGE – No guest under the age of 21 will be permitted to occupy holiday properties unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. A bond of $2,000 may be required for group bookings.

Schoolies bookings cannot be accepted as we do not have the policies, procedures and/or resources to accommodate these bookings.

BREACHES/UNFAVOURABLE REVIEWS – By accepting this booking, you hereby agree that if you or any occupant covered by this booking, including any guests breach our Terms and Conditions, your name, phone number and email address along with details of the breach/breaches may be disclosed to the property landlord and/or other agents.

In addition, Gold Coast Holiday Homes reserves the right to cancel a booking where information obtained suggests that the booking is not in the best interests of Gold Coast Holiday Homes and/or the property owner.

Gold Coast Holiday Homes reserves the right to decline any booking which they believe do not intend to occupy the property on a short term holiday basis.  In addition, a booking will be immediately terminated if Gold Coast Holiday Homes becomes aware of any breaches at other properties that the occupant has resided at or if any complaints are received from onsite managers or neighbours in relation to the occupant.

More than 60 days prior to arrival – refund, less the booking fee, cancellation fee, credit card fees and third-party service fees.
Less than 60 days prior to arrival – full loss of deposit paid.
Less than 30 days prior to arrival – full loss of tariff paid.

If we are successful in rebooking your original booking dates, Gold Coast Holiday Homes will offer a refund of the rebooked dates.

A cancellation/administration fee of $55 will apply for all cancelled bookings. Please note that the booking fee, credit card fees and third-party service fees are unable to be refunded.

If you elect to vacate the property prior to your check out date, there will be no refund of any unused portion of your tariff.

Bookings cancelled due to COVID, including as a result of border closures or travel restrictions, fall under the above cancellation policy.

OWNER CANCELLATIONS – If Gold Coast Holiday Homes should need to cancel your booking due to a property being sold or removed from our management pool by the owner in accordance with their management agreement, or for any other reason, a full refund is applicable. Alternative and comparable accommodation will be offered depending on availability. In these circumstances, Gold Coast Holiday Homes will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible to our guest/s.

CHANGING DATES – You are permitted to change your booking dates more than 30 days prior to arrival, providing the new dates fall within the same tariff season (ie. school holiday bookings must be transferred to a new booking which falls during school holiday dates). Please note if tariffs and/or fees (eg. cleaning fee) have increased since your original booking was made, the higher tariff and/or fees will apply for your new dates. You are permitted to change your booking dates once only, before the cancellation policy applies. A $55 amendment fee applies for all date changes. If you request a change to your booking dates that shortens your stay within 30 days of arrival, it will be at the discretion of Gold Coast Holiday Homes in consultation with the owner/s of the property if the changes are accepted, taking into account the likelihood of obtaining another booking in its place. The owner’s decision is final, and the owner has the right to retain any deposit paid if the guest wishes to move or cancel the booking, and as such the above cancellation clause will prevail.

POSTPONING BOOKING – If you request to postpone your booking to alternative dates, a $55 postponement fee applies.  A minimum of 30 days’ notice, prior to your arrival date, is required when requesting a postponement. New booking dates must fall within the same tariff season as the original booking. Please note if tariffs and/or fees (eg. cleaning fee) have increased since your original booking was made, the higher tariff and/or fees will apply for your new dates.

KEYS – Should a guest require additional keys/remotes after hours, a $150 service fee will be charged. If no spare key is available guests may be liable for any costs involved in gaining entry to the premises. Guests must not break in or attempt to break into premises when locked out. If keys/remotes are lost or stolen, a minimum fee of $100 will be charged to the guest directly.

LOCK OUT – If you are locked out during office hours, please contact the office. If it is after hours, contact the provided emergency mobile number. We do not guarantee that a staff member will be able to assist you after hours and a call out fee will apply. Alternatively, it will be your responsibility and expense to call a locksmith.

MAIL – We request that any mail be re-directed to our office. Our address is Gold Coast Holiday Homes, Locked Bag 2 – 76 Griffith Street, Coolangatta, QLD 4225. Please do not forward any personal mail to the address of the property you are renting. We hold no responsibility if mail cannot be retrieved from the property letter box.

CHECK-IN & CHECK OUT TIMES – We will endeavour to have your holiday property available from 1.30pm (Qld time) on your day of arrival, however, during busy periods we cannot guarantee this. Check Out time is 9:30am (Qld time) on the date of your departure. If keys are not returned to our office by this time, a full day’s tariff may apply.

PROPERTY OCCUPANCY – Each holiday property is equipped for a specific number of holidaymakers. Extra guests over and above the number set for a property are not permitted. No mattresses, tents or caravans, or more cars than the property accommodates are allowed. If this is not followed you may be asked to leave and no monies will be refunded. A charge of $25.00 per person, per night is applicable if you exceed the approved number of guests. It is against Health Department regulations for more persons to occupy a property than there are beds to accommodate them. An excellent idea is to discuss your needs with our staff when making your booking. Our staff will be able to suggest better/alternatives options for you.

LONGER STAY BOOKINGS – Any guests booking for longer than four (4) weeks, may be required to complete a short stay application form. This information will be used to verify your personal details including employment and previous residency. All longer stay bookings will incur a bond to be paid upfront.  All longer stay bookings will incur a higher cleaning fee. Maximum length of stay is 42 nights per booking.

LINEN – Holiday properties are equipped with blankets/doonas and pillows and protectors, however please remember to bring your own personal linen including sheets, pillow cases, towels and tea towels. We also suggest extra towels for your beach and picnic days. Other items you should bring with you are soaps, dishwashing liquid, toilet paper, hair dryer etc. Linen hire is available from a local company who will deliver the linen to your property and collect on departure. Please note that a selection of our holiday properties include linen and this will be noted on the listing and email correspondence.

CLEANING & WASTE DISPOSAL – Any reports of unsatisfactory cleanliness of premises must be reported to our office within 2 hours of arrival. The report must be in writing emailed to with photographs attached. These reports will be further investigated by management.

Our housekeeper has prepared your property to a high standard. We ask in turn that you show consideration by being neat and tidy and leaving the property in a reasonable state of cleanliness.


– Remove all garbage from the property and place in outside garbage bins
– Wash and dry dishes/empty dishwasher and return to appropriate drawers or cupboards
– Leave the property in a clean and tidy state
– Remove and dispose of all food items in fridge or cupboards and dispose of in outside garbage bins
– Strip beds and place hire linen back in the bags provided
– Remove any excess sand, dirt and debris from floors, benchtops & all areas of the property
– Close and lock all doors and windows
Failure to do so may incur additional charges which will be charged accordingly

BBQs have been cleaned prior to your arrival and must be cleaned prior to departure, including the grill plate, basin and drip tray.  A charge of up to $150 will be charged for unclean BBQs.

-Standard cleaning fees apply to all booking
-Cleaning fees will be increased for bookings of more than 21 nights
-Double cleaning fee applies to all bookings departing on a public holiday. If it hasn’t automatically been applied when making a booking, GCHH will contact you to do so and apply the extra fee.

RUBBISH BINS – Please place garbage bins kerbside on a Tuesday night in Palm Beach and on Wednesday nights in Currumbin, Tugun, Kirra and Coolangatta. Please ensure the handle of the bin is facing the property. Boxes of rubbish left by the garbage bin will not be picked up and we ask that you dispose of excess garbage at the Council tip. You will be charged for rubbish removal if you do not dispose of your excess garbage or if you forget to put the bins out for collection.

We also ask that fish is not cleaned on the premises and that any seafood is wrapped securely and disposed of appropriately. If scheduled bin collection is days away – particularly in summer months, please consider disposing seafood (eg. prawn shells) off premises or freeze until bin day.

SMOKING – Government regulations do not allow for smoking in any of the common areas of buildings eg. stairwells, lifts, garage, pool or garden areas.  Smoking is NOT permitted inside your property. You may smoke on balconies (where permitted) with the doors to the property closed. All cigarette butts must be disposed of properly. A minimum $180 cleaning/deodorising charge will apply if you smoke inside the property. Please note that some properties are strictly NO SMOKING PROPERTIES – This will be noted on your Welcome Letter and the online listing.

BUILDING SMOKE ALARMS – Please be advised that if you are responsible for setting off the smoke alarm/s within a building complex either in corridors, lobbies, foyers or common areas and the fire brigade has responded to this emergency alarm, you will incur a charge for this call out. The QFES charges for attendance at unwanted alarms to encourage building owners or occupiers to be continually proactive in managing fire alarm systems. They are empowered to do so under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990 Part 11 Charges for services.

USE OF THE PROPERTY – The property is to be used strictly as a residential dwelling for residential purposes by the guest(s) and the number of occupants nominated on the Guest Registration Form. The property is not to be used for any other purpose or by any greater number of occupants. The use of the Property for a function, a party or other like gathering is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you use the property for a function, a party or other like gathering or other than as a residential dwelling for residential purposes:-

  1. Your reservation of the property will be terminated with no refund of monies paid
  2. The Guest(s) and other occupants of the Property will be removed from it
  3. Security bond will be forfeited

INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR (The No Excessive Noise Policy) – Many of our properties are in residential areas or if in a complex have permanent residents residing. Excess noise, inappropriate language or behaviour that is threatening or unacceptable will not be tolerated. Guests who are behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave the property and no monies will be refunded to the guest.

In addition, we ask that children in your group refrain from playing in hallways or driveways or running around pool areas which could be dangerous for them and disturbing other residents or holiday makers.

In accordance with Gold Coast City Council and Holiday Rental Industry guidelines disturbance to the neighbours, including excessive noise and anti-social behaviour is prohibited and may result in termination of rental and loss of all monies paid.

As per Council and Holiday Rental Industry Guidelines there is a 10.00pm to 8.00am outside noise curfew. We require you to move inside and close the doors. Noise must be kept to a minimum.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS – We cannot accept responsibility for personal property such as cameras etc. that are left unattended in your holiday accommodation. When visiting beaches and picnic areas, we suggest that you lock your vehicle and make sure that valuables are out of sight. By showing care in these simple steps you will make sure possible stressful situations do not arise.

There is a $25 administration fee, for Gold Coast Holiday Homes to collect items that have been left behind at properties. It is also the guest’s responsibility to organise postage or a courier to receive their belongings back at their own cost.  Gold Coast Holiday Homes will attempt to contact the guest after departure to advise of any left items. All items that have been found will be kept for a period of one (1) month, after which time they will be donated to a charitable institution.

ANIMALS – With the exception of our ‘pet friendly’ properties, dogs or other animals are not allowed in or about the premises at anytime. Any cleaning or pest treatment costs incurred as a result of an animal being brought or kept in the property will be deducted from the security deposit or charged to the credit card(s) provided.

PET FRIENDLY PROPERTIES – Allow one dog only. Any other pets are upon request only and needs to be approved and accepted by the owner.
For pet friendly properties, dogs and other animals are not allowed inside the living areas of the property, on furniture or beds.  Pets are not permitted to be left unattended at the property at any time including on balconies or any outside areas.  All animal faeces must be disposed of, or cleaning charges will apply.

REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE – Gold Coast Holiday Homes reserves the right for their representative/s or tradespeople to enter the property at any reasonable time to carry out inspections, repairs or maintenance work or for any other purpose as deemed necessary. Gold Coast Holiday Homes will attempt to give reasonable notice of entry, however there may be occasions where this is not possible.

If a guest reports a maintenance issue and a tradesperson or Gold Coast Holiday Homes representative attends to find the issue is user error (ie. using incorrect key in door lock, using incorrect TV remote, appliance not plugged in at wall) a call out fee will apply.

WI-FI – Some properties are advertised with Wi-Fi provided. Due to circumstances outside our control, we cannot always guarantee that the Wi-Fi will be working. We will endeavour to resolve any issues as quickly as possible, however there may be occasions where an issue cannot be rectified during your stay.

HOLIDAY RENTALS FOR SALE – When a booking is made, the deposit is accepted for the owner at that time. If the property is for sale and the ownership changes before your holiday, we cannot guarantee that the property will remain available. We will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible to you if this does occur prior to your stay.

If your rental property is listed for sale while you are in residence, no inspection will be made without prior notice and will be carried out only if absolutely necessary and always in the company of an employee of Gold Coast Holiday Homes / DJ Stringer Property Services.

RENTAL RATES – In the case of refurbishment, owners’ instructions or event date releases, rental rates may be subject to increase without notice. Should this occur, you will be notified immediately and given the opportunity to pay the difference in tariff or receive a full refund of your deposit. We will also offer you alternate accommodation if possible.

DAMAGES & BREAKAGES – All damages, breakages or losses to the property, furniture and furnishings are to be reported to the agent and paid for by the guest immediately. Should you discover a fault or breakage when you arrive, please advise us within 2 hours or we will consider this the responsibility of the current guest and charge accordingly.

Funds will be deducted from the security deposit or credit card listed on your guest registration form if we need to make a claim which may include, but is not limited to, the following: insurance excess, excess cleaning fees, soiled linen and items requiring professional laundering, repair of damage or replacement for breakages, excess garbage removal, late checkout, lost keys or remotes, items removed from the property, extra guests beyond those declared or telephone calls. A minimum charge of $50 is applicable should items be moved from one property to another or moved within a property.

When the total amount claimed for damages exceeds $150.00, an agent fee of $50.00 applies.

The non-refundable $50 damage protection fee protects you from being charged for accidental damage that may occur during your occupancy. You remain responsible for any damage, repair or replacement expenses exceeding the amount of the cover of the damage protection fee.  Cover is up to the value of $1000.

Damage protection does not cover damage or loss that is not disclosed, you must notify us if you cause any damage. To avoid erroneous blame, you are required to immediately notify our team if anything is amiss when you arrive at your holiday accommodation.  You must inform our staff if there have been any incidents of loss or damage that have occurred during your occupancy prior to, or immediately upon, vacating your holiday accommodation.

Damage protection does not replace or negate your responsibility for all members of your party as a primary guest/renter. It does not pay for an act of intentional or negligent destruction, pet damage, re-keying, property damage resulting from motorized vehicles or watercraft use, additional cleaning of your holiday accommodation is left excessively dirty. This cover is for accidental damage to the value of $1000 and anything in excess of this will be payable by the guest/renter.

In addition to the Damage Protection Fee, all guest/renters are required to complete our Online Check In and supply a credit card number.  The agent has the right to deduct anything in excess of the protection fee from the guest/renter’s nominated credit card.

In addition to the Damage Protection Fee, specific homes may require a security deposit (bond), which will be returned (subject to the property being checked for damages, breakages, cleanliness etc.) within 7 days of the departure date.

The damage protection is offered, administered, and funded solely by Gold Coast Holiday Homes and we are solely authorised to determine the nature of the cover.

SITUATIONS THAT MAY AFFECT YOUR RESERVATION – At times situations arise of which we have no control which may affect your reservation. We will not be responsible if the property is not available due to inclement weather conditions or other acts of god, war or threat of war, civil disturbances, strikes or airport closure or any technical issues with transport. In addition, Gold Coast Holiday Homes will not be responsible for any organised Events being cancelled such as Cooly Rocks On, Aussie Surf Lifesaving Titles, Quiksilver Pro etc.

If required, Gold Coast Holiday Homes reserves the right to move visitors to alternate accommodation of a similar standard at their discretion or the direct instruction of the property owners. If this is the case, we will notify you as soon as possible and make every reasonable effort to make sure you are satisfied with your new address.

When booking your accommodation, our staff have taken great care to describe your holiday accommodation to you as accurately as possible. However, Gold Coast Holiday Homes cannot accept responsibility for incorrect rates, descriptions, errors or omissions. There are also occasions where body corporates will remove common use facilities without notification.

Construction – The Gold Coast is currently experiencing a construction boom and there are a few construction sites located near and around some of the properties that we manage for holiday rental.  As this is completely out of our control, we are unable to provide any compensation due to construction noise that may take place during your proposed stay. If you have any concerns then please do not hesitate to contact us upon making your reservation.

TRAVEL INSURANCE – This should be a priority in all travel arrangements, whether you travel regularly, occasionally, domestically or internationally for unforeseen circumstances which may disrupt your travel plans.  Please consider the appropriate travel insurance to suit your needs.

PRIVACY STATEMENT – We use personal information collected from you prior to your holiday booking with Gold Coast Holiday Homes for bond payment purposes. We may also use the information to contact you via telephone or email with respect to this property and others, which we believe may be of interest to you.  By providing this information, you agree to this unless you advise us differently. By providing this information, we will be able to provide an effective service to you. Other than in the circumstances allowed under the Privacy Act 1988, we do not disclose information of this kind to other parties. If you would like to access the personal information we hold, you can do so by contacting Gold Coast Holiday Homes on (07) 5599 2700