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Our website allows you to search our 120+ properties and book accommodation for your next Gold Coast holiday.

All prices are shown in Australian Dollars.

When making a booking on one of our properties you will be asked to accept our Terms, Conditions and Cancellation/Refund Policy.

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Booking Payments

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You must already have a booking with Gold Coast Holiday Homes.

You will need the YesBookit booking reference ID and the exact email address used when making your booking.

The YesBookit booking reference ID looks like this YBI-1-123-1234.

For your security this site uses best practices with regards to online payments:

  • When an online booking payment is made the guest will receive a confirmation email
  • We guarantee that does not handle or store any credit card details
  • YesBookit passes the credit card details to the payment gateway for processing
  • All credit card details are sent using up to 1024 bit SSL v3 encryption
  • YesBookit does not store credit card numbers or card expiration dates

If you have any questions please contact our friendly team on 07 5599 2700