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Experience the Sun-Kissed Weather of Southern Gold Coast!

When it comes to weather, the Southern Gold Coast has been truly blessed, boasting sunny blue skies for the better part of the year.  With an average of approximately 300 days of sunshine annually, this coastal paradise is a haven for sun seekers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. So, if you’re planning a trip with Gold Coast Holiday Homes don’t forget to pack the sunscreen!

Plan ahead with this information on temperature and rainfall – and don’t forget to pack the sunscreen.


Summer weather on the Gold Coast (December – February)

During the summer months the weather is hot and humid.  Enjoy a warm average temperature ranging from 20°C at night to 29°C during the day. (68°F – 83.1°F).

Picture yourself lounging on the beaches, basking in the warmth of the sun by the pool.  You’ll definitely need your sunscreen, sunnies and a hat but don’t be too worried, you’ll find relief in ocean dips, pool swims and the sea breezes sweeping along the coast.

Be prepared for some tropical rain, especially in February, the wettest month, which receives an average of 184mm (7.2 inches) of rainfall.  Short, tropical thunderstorms are a common occurrence in the late afternoon and early evening, adding a touch of excitement to the balmy days. The humidity hovers between 69% to 75%.

What to pack: Think light clothing – shorts, tshirts, dresses, sandals, summer hats, sunglasses bathers and sunscreen.  Mosquito spray is helpful if you’re going out at night.


Autumn weather on the Gold Coast (March – May)

March is still considered the same as summer weather, but April/May the days are warm but the nights get cooler.

As the seasons transition to autumn, the Southern Gold Coast treats its visitors to sunny days followed by cooler nights. Average temperatures during this time range from 14 to 25°C (57.2 – 77°F).  It’s a perfect time to explore the region without the intense summer heat. The ocean waters remain inviting, with temperatures hovering around 25°C (77°F), making it ideal for a swim. The best part is that the autumn months are less rainy compared to the summer, giving you more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

What to pack: Continue to pack your light summer clothes, sunscreen and a hat. It still doesn’t get too cold on the coast but we still recommend packing a light jumper/cardigan and some longer pants and closed-toe shoes for night time. Also, bring mozzie spray.  Places like Currumbin Rockpools in the mountains can get a bit cooler.


Winter weather on the Gold Coast (June – August)

Winter on the Gold Coast is generally mild. The humidity that makes summer hard to bare is replaced with crisp air, glorious sunshine and bluebird skies – perfect weather for exploring, hiking and foodie adventures.  For those from the southern states in Australia, or New Zealand, a nice day on the Gold Coast in Winter is equivalent to a summers day down south.   The water is clear and aqua blue and the weather is generally sunny and dry.  Average temperatures range from 9°C at night to 22°C during the day (48.2 – 71.6°F).

Winter nights are cool but mild, providing the perfect atmosphere for stargazing and cuddling up during romantic evening strolls.

What to pack: Tshirts and shorts are still a must for our warm winter days.  You’ll get too hot if you’re out in the sun with your winter wears on. But make sure you still pack pants, jumpers/cardigan, a jacket and closed shoes for windy or cooler days. In the early mornings and afternoons/night thecolder weather starts to creep in. You will still need sunscreen all year round.


In Spring weather on the Gold Coast (September – November)

As spring arrives, the weather warms up.  The Southern Gold Coast exudes a refreshing charm with sunny days and mild evenings.

The average temperatures during this season range from 12°C to 27°C (53.6 -80.6°F), striking a delightful balance between warmth and comfort. It’s a dry period, but be prepared for some windy days.  This season presents an excellent opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities while reveling in the vibrant colors of nature.

What to pack: Generally it doesn’t get too cold in Spring, but we still recommend packing a jumper/cardigan or two, and some longer pants and closed shoes for night time on top of your regular summer wear.