The Gold Coast

So let’s get this straight….

There is the “Gold Coast” and then there is the “Southern Gold Coast” and most people mistakenly think they are the same!

And they’re not… Yes, we share the same amazing beach that stretches from Northern NSW right up to Stradbroke Island but that’s where the similarity ends….

The Gold Coast – think traffic lights, hi-rise apartment buildings, the glitz and glam of the party scene of Surfers Paradise, theme parks and go-go-go busyness!

The Southern Gold Coast – think laid back beach vibes, sunrise (or anytime) surfing, quaint little hole-in-the-wall coffee spots, craft breweries and a laid back holiday vibe…

So when you think of holidaying to the Gold Coast and it’s laid back holiday vibes you’re looking for then come and enjoy the Southern Gold Coast, you’ll never go back to North once you’ve been South!

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